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Congratulations on approaching this important milestone in your life! We know that you want to select a meaningful Mitzvah project that will help you MAKE A REAL DIFFERENCE in the world and we are honored you decided to support us!
We’d like to suggest an important mitzvah project to improve the lives of many children and their families as they battle a childhood cancer diagnosis. We invite you to do your mitzvah project on behalf of the Max Cure Foundation, a nonprofit childhood cancer organization that not only funds research but also provides financial assistance to families in need who have a child battling cancer.
The Max Cure Foundation was established in 2008 after a young boy named Max was diagnosed with a rare form of cancer known as B Cell Lymphoma the day before his 4th birthday. Luckily Max is considered a survivor which is not the case for thousands of children each year in the United States.  Cancer is the No. 1 cause of death by disease of children in the United States. 
After learning first-hand how underfunded childhood cancer research is and watching the financial strain that a diagnosis can have on a family, our Founders created The Max Cure Foundation. Lion Max became our mascot because of the stuffed lion Max took to treatment with him during his fight, because it gave him strength to keep fighting. Our message is that together we will Roar For a Cure® until one is found. Will you join us and make your ROAR heard?  
Since then, our foundation has granted over $1.5 million dollars towards promising research, and we have provided over $575,000 in financial assistance to more than 150 families nationwide and YOU can help a difference as well!
There are many ways that you can help The Max Cure Foundation. Download our Mitzvah Project Guide below for program suggestions and information about how you can turn used sneakers into a FUNdraising platform. Please e-mail us at or visit our website at if you want to get in on the action.
Mazel Tov to you and your family.