Help Sgt. Silva Adopt Kristian 
and Grant His Christmas Wish

Help Max Cure Foundation by supporting our fundraiser to cover the legal fees in the adoption of Kristian, a seriously-ill Roar Beyond Barriers family whose Christmas wish is to be legally adopted by his step-father, a Sargent in the U.S. Army. Max Cure is assisting and expediting this adoption so that Christopher can be Kristian’s “real dad” as Kristian enters a difficult time in the course his treatment. 

On December 26th Kristian will turn 8 years old – we’re hoping to make both his Christmas wish and Birthday the best we can! With help from Congressman Tom MacArthur, the FBI, the Burlington County Family Court, and countless other members of Team Kristian, we’re hoping to count on your assistance and include you on the team!

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