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Welcome to Brian Jones's Page

Brian Jones

Brian Jones

The Mountain is calling and I'm ready to get it moving with with your help!
My goal 1250 miles
Partners goal 750 miles
Relay group goal 1000 miles
Total 3000 miles
Fundraising goal $3000



raised of $1,250 goal

Recent Donations

1. YNYoshiyuki Nakao
2. LPLori Prendergast
3. TTeam Ariel
Moving Mountains!
4. CJCheri Jones
I want to be one of the first to make a donation to Max Cure on behalf of Brian. Your passion and commitment to raise awareness for pediatric cancer and the children who have been affected is truly inspiring. May each mile that you run, bike, or hike this year inspire others to join you in your efforts to not only raise awareness but also help raise money for research and financial support for families who have a child dealing with cancer. I hope others will join me in making a donation today to Max Cure in support of their efforts to fund cancer research and financially help those in need. Every dollar counts so make your donation today!! ❤️💸
5. TTeam Ariel

Team Van 1