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Hood to Coast Relay, Run for the White House, Team Follow Me Nation

Jonathan Agin

Jonathan Agin

On Friday August 25, 2017 at approximately 9:00 am PST, at an elevation of 6000 feet on the iconic slopes of Mt. Hood in Oregon, 12 people will set off to complete a relay of approximately 200 miles. Over the course of 32-34 hours, 12 people will become 1 team with this singular goal. Among the team are the Max Cure Foundation's Executive Director, Jonathan Agin and the founder of the Run for the White House program Brian Jones. Two fellow childhood cancer dads.

The team will push themselves to physical and mental exhaustion to reach the finish line on the coast of Oregon. A finish line that never exists for children with cancer that either live with life-long acute side effects from the treatments themselves, or for far too many, who die from the disease, treatment or complications along with the way.

You can help. Over the course of the race, we will be providing updates and videos (service area permitting) on Max Cure's social media pages and our personal pages, so you can follow along with our progress. During the event, we are asking that you make a tax deductible donation to the Max Cure Foundation through this fundraising page. Your contribution directly supports the funding of aggressive and translational research without concern for arbitrary goals.

Please consider helping us by clicking on the DONATE button, passing along the link to this page and by following along and praying for us as we move from Mountain to sea.

Thank you

Jonathan Agin Brian Jones
Executive Director Program Director
Max Cure Foundation Run for the White House


raised of $1,000 goal

Recent Donations

1. TTrina
Your efforts are not in vain, Jon. Keep going...
2. DRDiane G Rauch
3. JJackie Friedman
4. UUr friends in Miami
5. JJane & Andy
All ways there beside you in your fight. Go Jon!!!!!
6. SSSuzanne Shelpman
Keep up the fight, Jon, for more funding for research!