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Help Me "Kick Kids Kancer To The Kurb"

Charlie Simmons

Charlie Simmons

Thank you for helping make my Mitzvah Project successful
You can also #dunkyourkicks at my home in teaneck, nj where we have boxes for you to bring your used sneakers

I love my sneakers and am glad that I can get a chance to use that to help sick kids find cures and raise money


raised of $1,000 goal

Recent Donations

1. hkHenry Kwitel
best wishes for your bar mitzvah ...we are so proud of you for ALL your efforts love, zaidy and safta judy
2. HPHoward PC
Mazal Tov Charlie may the mitzvah of tzedakah be a bracha for your Bar Mitzvah-Love Aba Mommy and Bella B