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Morgan Hesekiel

Morgan Hesekiel

Morgan’s Mitzvah Project
For my Mitzvah Project I am working with the MaxCure Foundation, an organization that helps raise money and awareness for research and for families affected by childhood cancer. This cause is important to me because recently, Gabe Patnoi, the son of one of my dad’s closest childhood friends, was diagnosed with Ewing’s Sarcoma, a form of cancer in the bone in his leg. Seeing what Gabe and his family are going through made me realize how much families impacted by childhood cancer, need help and support from others. It makes me sad hearing about these families and how much they are struggling to support their children. Please help me to help these families!

First, please visit the webpage I created through MaxCure. There, you can donate money that will be used for things like research and to support families struggling financially as a result of childhood cancer diagnoses. I have set a goal of raising $1,800 to donate to families that are struggling with cancer. Please help me achieve -- and even beat -- this goal.

Second, I will be hosting a sneaker drive. The sneakers that I collect will be sent to poor countries where people cannot afford to buy new sneakers. They will then be sold at an affordable price and the money raised will be donated to MaxCure. If you would like to help me with my sneaker drive, please drop off gently used sneakers at my house anytime from now until March 15, 2019.

Thank you so much for your support. Together I know we will make a difference for families dealing with childhood cancer.

Morgan Hesekiel


raised of $1,800 goal

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Congrats Morgan!
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Congrats Morgan! Nice work with this! -Erica, Marshall, Jack & Ellis
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Thank you, Morgan, for your noble efforts to help research cures for childhood cancer. It is our pleasure to support you in your efforts.