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Gabe Patnoi will #neverGabeup and neither will any of us! 

Like most 12 year old boys, Gabe Patnoi from Demarest, NJ loves hanging out with his friends playing sports and video games. He plays flag football, basketball, soccer and lacrosse. He knows just about every statistic about the many athletes we all know, and a lot we never heard of before. His favorite teams are the Yankees, Saints Bucks, and Knicks. Gabe enjoys spending time with his family also. His Mom, Bari and Dad Evan are always impressed by his wealth of knowledge when it comes to sports. If he can apply that mind to school his mom says he will grow up to be a young man capable of achieving great successes. Gabe is very close with his cousins and is an amazing big brother to his 9-year-old sister Jordyn.


Like many of the boys in town, Gabe craves sports competition. Whether it is on the field, the court, or playing Fort Nite on the couch he is always ready to play. He has this special energy about him. Its almost like a lightning bolt from within ignites him and everyone in his presence.


Aside from sports, Gabe has an artistic side to him that many don't know. He is a poet. Recently one of his poems was submitted into a national contest. He loves to read, and escape into a great book as well. 


Unfortunately, sometimes when we least expect it life takes us in a different direction. Just three weeks ago, only days before Thanksgiving, and just before his 12th Birthday, a visit to the doctor resulted in life changing news for Gabe, his family, and friends. 


At 12 years old, Gabe Patnoi was diagnosed with cancer, Ewing’s Sarcoma in the heel of his right foot. Ewing Sarcoma is a very rare type of cancer that grows in the bones or the soft tissue around the bones affecting only 200 children a year in the U.S. Treatment includes multi drug chemotherapy, radiation and surgery. The good news for Gabe is that the cancer has not spread and is not in the bone marrow. But, if not treated immediately consequences could be/ would be devastating. 


The next year is going to be difficult for Gabe and his family. He will undergo one year of intense chemotherapy at Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center in NYC. This type of treatment comes with short term and long term side effects which too takes a toll on everyone, especially Gabe. He is being treated by world re-known oncologists all of whom specialize in sarcomas. The Sarcoma Team at MSKCC is recognized as leaders in the pediatric cancer community for their research and ability to treat the disease. We pray they will lead Gabe through this battlefield to victory.


Gabe’s love for his family and friends goes above and beyond any words written by any great poet or acclaimed author. If you were to follow him on social media you would see him with his arms around his buddies, smiling with beautiful eyes that could light up the darkest of skies. 


Jordyn, his sister is one of the most important people in his life. He has been by her side since the day she was born. Today he needs her by his side, more than she knows or could possibly understand at her age. Bari’s parents Nana Laurie and Papa Mike are loving and devoted to their daughter, Bari, and son-in law Evan. They live each day for their children and grandchildren. Now, they will spend most days here in Demarest helping to care for Jordyn, while Bari spends her days at the hospital with Gabe, and Evan tries to provide for his family.


Ralph Waldo Emerson once wrote, “What lies behind us and before us, are tiny matters compared to what lies within us”. The Patnoi’s have been dealt a difficult hand and their future will be met with many challenges. While the road that lies ahead is uncertain and tough, they are brave and will come through this stronger than when they started. They are fortunate to be surrounded by family, friends and many who they have never met before all who are rooting for Gabe and praying for a healthy recovery, and the day he is cancer free.


When a child is diagnosed with a life threatening disease like cancer the impact on families can be paralyzing. Often times, the diagnosis comes with incredible financial burdens, which causes even more stress on the family. Many of times the Mom or Dad closes their eyes, in the hope of when they open them, the nightmare they have been living was just a dream. 


Section 16H a 501(c)3 has been on the front lines with The Patnoi’s since learning of Gabe’s diagnosis. It is amazing and inspiring  to see how many want to show support. Section 16H is going to team up with Max Cure Foundation a public charity and 501(c3) whose Chairman and Founder is friendly with The Patnoi Family too. All donations donated to #NeverGabeUP through this site or link will be 100% tax deductible, and go directly to the family to help them during this difficult time. 


There has been an unbelievable amount of love and support in such a short period of time by so many living in the Demarest, Creskill, Alpine, Tenafly and New York area. The Patnoi Family truly appreciates everyone’s love and support.


“It is how we face obstacles that defines who we are”. #NeverGabeUp


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