Please Help Take Some Stress off This Family & Offer Prayers for Miley

Miley was only 5-years-old when she was diagnosed with with stage 4 Osteosarcoma. She has been battling cancer for 6 years now.... More than half her life...

Recently she had to have her leg amputated at the hip and is currently getting Physical Therapy to learn how to use her new prosthetic.

Miley and her sister are cared for by her single father who time and time again has proven to be the real champion for his daughter. He works jobs that require physical labor in order to keep the roof over their heads and food on their table.

Recently, he injured his back and is laid up in excruciating pain. He is unable to walk right now due to a bulging disc and spinal stenosis which will most likely require back surgery.

The Max Cure Foundation has been following this family for the past five years and provided support when needed. Right now is one of those times. Because the Father has been unable to work, they are struggling financially. The Max Cure board just paid for this month's rent, but we want to do more so we are reaching out to our community and asking for help.

Help us take some of the financial stress off this family so they can focus on healing and getting back into the fight. Miley still needs consistent care and she needs her Daddy healthy and strong.

Please consider making a donation today.

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