The Mountain Movement!

On August 23-26th 2017 Team "Finish Inspired" returned to the Mountain to take on the next epic challenge with the #RunBikeAndHike Adventure!

The Adventure began in Portland, Oregon with a trail run up to the highest point in the largest city in Oregon! The next day we hiked up the side of a 3000 foot mountain trail  in Washington state on the north side of the Columbia river gorge, followed by a 25 mile bike ride with gorgeous views of the river, finishing with a run along the downtown waterfront park in Hood River.

The highlight of the event began with a run around Trillium Lake with the most amazing view of the Mountain we were prepared to climb next, following the Pacific Crest Trail up 2000 feet to Timberline lodge and ski resort. The finale of the day was cycling from 6000 feet in elevation, all the way down Mt. Hood and highway 26 back into Portland!

A recovery was needed on Sunday that lead us to Rocky Butte, Marine Drive along the river, and over the Tillikum Crossing in downtown Portland.

This was actually our alternate plan after running the Hood to Coast relay in 2017, but now with the opportunity to take on both of these epic adventures in 2019!

So where do we go from here?

Team "Finish Inspired" is taking Mountain Moving to the next level by inviting YOU to join our team in 2018 to 
#MoveMountains with us!

The #MountainMovement event is an INVITATION for you to officially join our team during our adventures in 1 of 3 ways:

1. Experience one of our Epic Adventures like the #RunBikeAndHike event (summer 2019) our Century ride this Fall, or any other registered events we plan to participate in like the  
Navy Half marathon (September).
Silver Falls trail run (November)

2. Run or ride with 2 other members equipped to move mountains any other time than our featured events. Members will soon be registered in every state nation wide!

3. Join us virtually by making a one time donation of $25 to the #MaxCureFoundation for a lifetime membership where you will receive your #StoneOfHOPE and exclusive invitations to future events, including a chance to join us in the world renowned Hood to Coast relay in 2019!

Our mission is challenging and we are ready to expand our team to keep moving forward "Step by step, mile by mile and stone by stone" until this Mountain is moved for kids enduring cancer today!

Discover what it means to #FinishInspired during #MountainMovement today!

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$50.00 DB Debi Barney
So proud of you Brian keep up the good work.
$25.00 YN Yoshiyuki Nakao
$100.00 CE Cheryl Engelbrecht
Wish I was running again this year! Have a great race!!
$25.00 SD Suzanne Davenport
$50.00 BC Bret Cashen
Running to help raise Childhood Cancer Awareness and the need for more than 4 percent!
KP Kate Passow
$250.00 MJ Marty and Barb James
Keep up the good work and good luck on the Hood to Coast next year!!! Our son ran the high school version and his team won it in 2002!
$25.00 DP Darlene A Pearson
?? from #CalebIsMyHero ??
$25.00 CJ Cheri Jones
While I'm not a runner, a biker, or a hiker, I can still participate and support the efforts of Team "Finished Inspired through my donation to the Max Cure Foundation. Please join me in making your own contribution the this very important effort.
$25.00 SO Sally Opie
For my grandson, Jonah. #AllDoneHopeForJonah